Crowhurst Neighbourhood Development Plan

This is the final version of the 
Crowhurst Neighbourhood Development Plan (CNDP) that will now be submitted to Rother Council and the Regulation 16 Final Consultation. 

The Plan and its supplementary documentation and reference material was finalised using the information and feedback collected during the 6 week consultation period (January 16th - February 28th 2018) on the DRAFT PLAN (REG 14 Consulation). 

This page will remain public and further comments and feedback cna be submitted using the downloadable form at the bottom of the page. 

Thank you all very much. Without your support and engagement this would not have been possible. We look forward to a future in our village in which the community continues to come first.

[email protected]   

Crowhurst Neighbourhood Development Plan Pre-submission Version


  1. Consultation Statement 
  2. Basic Conditions Statement
  3. Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)
  4. Equalities Impact Statement
Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)
Pre-submission Version - Regulation 14 REMOVE - REPLACED BY ONE ABOVE
4. Equalities Impact Statement (PDF Download)
Appendices (Maps-PDF)
CNDP Map 1 - Development Boundary (Policy CS1)
CNDP Map 2 - Important Areas and Views (Policy CE1)
CNDP Map 3 - Open and Natural Space (Policy CE1, CF2)
CNDP Map 4 - Local Green Space (Policy CF3)
CNDP Map 5 - Flooding (Policy CE5)
CNDP Map 6 - Community Facilities (Policy CF1)
CNDP Map 7 - Proposed Infrastructure Improvements (Policy CF2, CC2)
CNDP Map 8 - Housing Site Allocations (Policy CH1, CH2, CH3)
CNDP Map 9 - Policies Map
CNDP Map 1 Development Boundary
CNDP Map 2 Important Open Area and Views
CNDP Map 3 Local Green Spaces
CNDP Map 4 Flooding
CNDP Map 5 Community Spaces and Facilities
CNDP Map 6 Proposed Infrastructure Improvements
CNDP Map 7 Proposed Sites
CNDP Map 8 Strategic Gap


This page contains all documents relating to the Consultation Process including village survey results and longlisted and shortlisted sites feedback. It will be updated as the process continues. 

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For more information on the Crowhurst Neighbourhood Plan application please see: 

For more information on our Neighbourhood Plan process and to access minutes of all previous meetings please see either of the links below:

Background Documentation
1. Consultations and General CNDP Process Documentation
Site Assessment Policies Paper - 10 January 2017 (Download 1 - PDF)
Stage 1 Site Assessment Summary (Excel Download)
Stage 1 Site Assessment SummaryOK
Stage 1 site assessments (zipped)
Greenspaces Description and Evidence (Download 2 - Word Doc) – remove as now 2 new docs OK AND FIRST NEW DOC BELOW

Crowhurst Non-Designated Heritage Assets  - OK DOC BELOW
Open and Natural Spaces Description and Evidence - OK BELOW
Local Green Space Description and Evidence
Car Park Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment
Greenspaces Description and Evidence (PDF Download)
Crowhurst Non-Designated Heritage Assets (PDF Download)
Open and Natural Spaces Description and Evidence (PDF Download)

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Shortlisted Sites Survey Sept 2017
This can be found in full (and as a 2-page summary) on the Consultation Process Page of this website

Housing Needs Survey Report Sept 2017
This can be found on the Consultation Process Page of this website

Consultations in Parish

Information on all of these can be found on this website's  Consultation Process Page and Schools and Young People page
Terms of Reference for the Crowhurst Neighbourhood Plan
Crowhurst Neighbourhood Plan Meeting Minutes

Crowhurst Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group Minutes
​​Households in fuel poverty, 2008-2015 - Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS), via East Sussex in Figures (This is a link to Crowhurst on ESIF rather than the actual table)

RDC Local Plan, Adopted Core Strategy 2014

RDC Local Plan, Development and Site Allocations Part C: Site Allocations Overview

A plain English guide to the Localism Act 2011

Designation of Crowhurst Parish as a Neighbourhood Plan Area 

What is a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)  

RDC screening for an SEA

Guidance on the SEA Directive

High Weald AONB Management Plan

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment
Cuckmere and Sussex Havens Catchment Management Plan