Neighbourhood Plan GroupMeeting
6th December 2015
Village Hall

24 people attended the meeting

Will Kemp welcomed those attending and explained the purpose of the meeting which was to put together an initial group of people wishing to be involved. This was to start identifying priorities for the Plan.
Everyone present explained why they were interested in a Crowhurst Neighbourhood Plan.
Will then went through the main points from the intitial Village meeting held on 22nd November (see attached notes).

Gail clarified that the group was not going to be led by the Parish Council, but by the Village with a number of Councillors supporting it. The Parish Council had agreed to support the development of a Neighbourhood Plan at their previous meeting on 5th October 2015.

Following discussion, the name of the group was agreed to be the Crowhurst Neighbourhood Plan Group. It was decided that:

There was going to be a Facilitator rather than a Chairperson and that this role would be shared across the group.
That each role would have two people partnering in the role.
That there would be flexible meeting times to include all eg mid week and weekend meetings.
That a number of Working Parties would be set up around the areas of : tasks/prioties and of skills.
Updates and information would be provided through email contacts, phone contacts, minutes/notes of meetings, bulletin boards, the Crowhurst News and other local newsletters.

Alan Collins spoke about the Crowhurst Eye website being more of a Village Forum (changing from the Road to Nowhere website) and thus providing an opportunity for communication and to express and discuss ideas.

We also spoke about finance and the £8,000 grant and applying for this in 4 stages, although most other groups have applied in 2 stages. Applications relate to budgetted expenditure. The Parish precept was discussed and it was felt that we would only need to ask for £2,000 to be made available and only if needed which would therefore not contribute to an increase in the precept. This was because it was felt that we could raise funds ourselves through regular fundraising activities. This would also bring the Village together.

It was agreed that there should be Terms of Reference put together by those involved in the group.

A discussion about the skills and tasks such as surveys was held. This led to some coming forward with personal skills and interests they were happy to contribute.

A list of skills and areas of interest was gathered from group members. It was agreed that this should be an ongoing activity as other became involved or wished to contribute.

The following skills amongst the group present were identified as a starting point:

Street Champions
Grant Applications
Project Planning
Liaison with others and other villages
Report writing
IT Skills and Surveys
Community Development
Needs analysis
Environmental Skills
Presentations and Talks to groups within the village to inform and involve them
Typing documents
Printing facilities
Planning knowledge and experience

Following a discussion about how to include all ages and people, it was suggested that there could be made available:
a hearing loop,
stable seats with arms for elderly/disabled,
a venue that was user friendly to those hard of hearing,
offers of transport where needed.

Next Steps were identified as follows and to be prioritised at a future meeting:

A call for housing sites across all residents and landowners.
Establish good communications eg website, Crowhurst news and other newsletters with care taken to include those not on line.
Set up Street Champions working in pairs and respresenting certain areas or streets.
Building a skills register within the Village which gave positive re-inforcement to people's the Plan.
The importance of surveys/research and the value of different types of surveys eg on line, door to door.
Setting up a bank account and establish procedures with the Parish Council.
Involving young people of all ages including schools and school based consultations including Claverham and all youth groups within the village.
Presentations and talks to groups within the village to inform and involve them.
Build a volunteers list to pull in people when and as needed.
Research good practice and learn and share with other NP groups to avoid re-inventing the wheel.
Hold regular raffles, cake and refreshments at meetings to raise funds
Plan regular fundraising activities and encourage other groups to participate.
Keep minutes or notes of all meetings as appropriate and share note taking.

The following areas of interest were identified:

Greenways and footpaths
Designated wildlife areas (for non development)
Road safety
Community shop with volunteers and meeting area with refreshments and post office
Allotments and community garden
The pub
Call for sites
Village Hall
Village groups
Youth organisations and facilities
Church and chapel
Link and support for vulnerable residents
Vigilance regarding potential threats and developments

The meeting ended with agreement to meet again in the new year.

The date set is Thursday, 20th January from 7.00 – 9 pm in the Village Hall.

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The Final Crowhurst Neighbourhood Development Plan. ​The referendum on this important document will take place in the summer. 
Contains links to the archived Reg. 16 and Reg. 14 consultation and submission pages.  Archive-REG 14, 16
This page contains all documents relating to the Consultation Process including village survey results and longlisted and shortlisted sites feedback. It will be updated as the process continues. 

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