Neighbourhood Plan Group Meeting
20th January 2016
Village Hall
In Attendance:   21 Residents (18 signed in)
Will Kemp opened the meeting thanking everyone for attending.  The notes from the meeting held on 6 December 2015 were agreed.  Examples of Sedlescombe’s invitation to residents to join in preparing a neighbourhood plan, a sheet setting out Sedlescombe residents comment on various development sites, and a map of Crowhurst showing the parish boundary were distributed.

There followed an open discussion in which those attending were asked to state their interest in developing a Neighbourhood Plan, e.g.
  • Flooding
  • Traffic Calming
  • Infrastructure – shop, cycleways, transport
  • Future of Village
  • Revenue Generator
  • Community Arts Development
  • Need for whole village involvement
  • Ability to decide on types of housing
  • Being listened to by other agencies
  • Identifying sites for development
  • Having a centre, place for people to meet

The meeting was informed that the application by Parish Council for designation as a  Neighbourhood Plan area had been accepted and was now registered.  It was confirmed that the Parish Council hold the grant monies and agree any spending. The group had made enquiries about setting up a separate bank account to the Parish Council for fundraising purposes.

Will Wilson stated that the meeting needed to decide on the name of the co-ordinating/steering group and Terms of Reference/principles relating to the running of the Crowhurst Neighbourhood Plan Group, its purpose and how it would proceed.  Graeme Quinnell agreed to draft a paper for discussion at the next meeting.  Concern was expressed by a resident about possible confusion regarding the membership of the co-ordinating group if it consisted of too many members of ‘The Road to Nowhere’ group but it was agreed that the group would be a broad mix of volunteer village representatives and parish councillors.

Ann Wilson led a discussion on the setting up of the various task groups of volunteers from the village.  The support of the whole village was emphasised.  Volunteers with relevant skills would be required for each task group so that all the work did not fall on a small group of people. All task groups would report back to the steering group. The need for transparency and openness to keep residents fully informed and supportive of the plan, the sharing of skills, and learning from each other was vital. It was agreed that monthly meetings would be held and alternated between weekday evenings and weekend daytimes.  Future evening meetings would be held at 7.30pm in the village hall, and daytime meetings at 3.00pm.

The meeting agreed the setting up of the first three task groups – Finance, Communication, and the identification of development sites.
1.         Finance –
This task group to consist of Tracy Hoad, Ann Wilson, and Laura Cecil. The meeting was informed that Mr Stephen Hardy of the Robertsbridge Project Group was willing to share experience and it was suggested that a small group should meet with him. Cllr Tracy Hoad informed the meeting that she had already been in contact with Stephen Hardy about the best way to organise the financial aspects.

2.            Communication –
Information Gathering  - A task group consisting of Alan Collins, Cllr Ros Day, Dave Howley, Will Wilson and Val Grove was formed to organise a meeting with Robertsbridge  to learn from their experience. 
Website – It was decided that  Alan Collins and Cllr Ros Day would explore the setting up of a dedicated website.  It was pointed out that the Crowhurst Eye website could also be used to disseminate information, as could the Crowhurst News and Catsfield & Crowhurst Parish Magazine. 
Gareth Bright and Cllr Ros Day offered to run the email address, and Ann Wilson advised she is willing to set up a mail merge.
Leaflet/Survey -   It was agreed that a leaflet explaining the purpose and process of a neighbourhood plan and to include a form for residents to identify any possible development sites, would be drawn up for discussion at the next meeting.  It was aimed to distribute this to every household in the village. It was emphasised that in order to ensure all residents had their say all information/requests would need to be delivered to all households by ‘Street Champions’ .  All such surveys, information/ requests would be added to the website.  ‘Street Champions’ to be discussed at the next meeting.

3.            Identification of Development Sites –
The meeting was informed that to meet the requirements of the District Local Plan, sites for at least 27 units needed to be found with each site consisting of a minimum of 6 units.  Graeme Quinnell agreed to identify the criteria for development,  including  the required percentages of affordable and social housing,  and report back to the next meeting. 

Further possible task groups were identified and listed on a flip chart for future reference.

              Tracy Hoad suggested that it would be good publicity for the neighbourhood plan if the group provided volunteers to assist with the repairs to the Youth Club and a list of volunteers was collected.  To volunteer for the Youth Club Working Group please contact Tracy Hoad on 830020 or [email protected]

The meeting closed at 9.35pm.

Date of the next meeting - Saturday  27 February 2016 at 3.00pm in Crowhurst Village Hall.

For further information contact [email protected]

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The Final Crowhurst Neighbourhood Development Plan. ​The referendum on this important document will take place in the summer. 
Contains links to the archived Reg. 16 and Reg. 14 consultation and submission pages.  Archive-REG 14, 16
This page contains all documents relating to the Consultation Process including village survey results and longlisted and shortlisted sites feedback. It will be updated as the process continues. 

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