Crowhurst Neighbourhood Plan Group
Notes of Meeting held on Saturday 11 June 2016 in
Crowhurst Village Hall

Present:              Chris Davidson, Valerie Grove, Gail Harley, David Howley, Sonia Plato, Ann     Wilson, Pat Buckle
In Attendance:    Willy Wilson, Will Kemp, Nicola Stell, Tim Lewin, Felicity Parsons, Tim
                                     Knaggs, Liz Sullivan, Alan Collins

Apologies:             Ros Day, Martin White, Tracy Hoad, Diane Stainsby, Gareth Bright, Chas & Carol
                                     Pearce, Sheila Clements, Marion Terry

The meeting was facilitated by Gail Harley who thanked everyone for attending. 

1.         Notes of Last Meetings
1.1       Neighbourhood Plan Group meeting held on 18 May 2016 – Notes agreed.
1.2       Steering Group meeting held on 6 June 2016 - Notes received.

2.         Task Groups
2.1       Finance
Ann Wilson reported that funding estimates had still not been received from all task groups and urged them to do so.  Discussions were ongoing with the Clerk to the Parish Council concerning the budgeting process. The meeting was reminded that claims against the grant cannot be made in retrospect so it was important to get the claim form for the initial grant money submitted quickly because the NP work was moving forward and invoices would need to be paid.  Claim forms could be found on-line and once completed would be forwarded to the Parish Council Clerk for submission.  It was confirmed that the grant would be paid in 4 instalments as the plan progressed and would be sent direct to the Parish Council as the responsible authority for the NP. 

2.2       Land Use (Call for Sites)
Chris Davidson reported on the meeting of this task group held on 31 May 2016 when the title of this task group was discussed and it was agreed to change the name to ‘Land Use (Call for Sites) Task Group’ because the survey was not just about housing and ‘Call for Sites’ was included because it was the widely understood phrase for this work.  He stated that no comments had been received from the articles in the Crowhurst news regarding the group’s Terms of Reference or the explanation about what it plans to do and how it would be doing it. The group had reviewed the extent and status of current site development plans and was informed that Rother District Council’s Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) 2013 Review only identified one possible site for circa 6 flats at the top of Station Road.  All other sites considered had been found unsuitable for housing development. Chris Davidson outlined the group’s perceived 2 key areas, i) views from residents on housing needs,  ii) feedback from priorities survey on sites identified for inclusion in a second ‘Call for Sites’ questionnaire. He confirmed that the group had identified its initial budget.  It was also acknowledged that some residents do not want any change to the village but this could be discussed with the Street Champions as they made their visits to households.

2.3       Street Champions
In the absence of Diane Stainsby, Will Kemp reported that there was now 30 confirmed Street Champions (SC), each having 10 houses to visit.  The purpose of the visits is to deliver the village priorities survey to ensure every resident has the opportunity to express their views. The completed surveys will be collected by SC’s at a later date.  They would also be able to answer any queries or give assistance in completing the survey form if required. SC’s will be issued with identification badges and will carry cards with their contact details to leave at households at which there was no reply. A meeting of all the SC’s will be arranged to ensure they are able to respond to questions about the NP process and what will be expected of them. Some discussion took place as to how best to ensure that every person in the household completed a survey, including children/young people whose views were important for the future of the village.

2.4       Communication
Valerie Grove reported on progress so far on the dedicated website (, which contained notes of the Neighbourhood Plan Group and the Steering Group meetings.  It was agreed that a separate page be set up for Street Champions and the Research/Heritage Task Group. The Task Group was currently looking into the purchase and siting of banners around the village to raise resident’s awareness and the necessary permissions to display them.

2.5       Heritage/Research
Dave Howley informed the meeting that discussions had taken place on various heritage walks around the village, e.g. flint finds during the Link Road development, gunpowder activity, charcoal pits in the Forewoods, etc., with the walks to include a visit to The Plough.  It was felt this would encourage people in surrounding areas to visit the village and increase use of the pub. It was felt that oral and written information on the village heritage should also be included.  Local libraries would be contacted for any further information.

2.6       Survey
Willy Wilson reported back on progress and presented a draft survey form which had previously been emailed to NP Group members and included comments from Ros Day and Catherine Bright which the meeting agreed should be incorporated. The task group had drawn heavily on a similar survey produced by another authority which had included colour and pictures to make it more interesting. Willy Wilson briefly outlined the questions stating that it was felt the survey should not be too long in order to encourage people to respond, and that there will be other surveys at a later date.  It was agreed that, when finalised, this survey would be firstly delivered to all residents, followed by the ‘Call for Sites’ survey; the calling of a public meeting to update residents; a further survey in response to the first; and a public exhibition.

3.         Project Timeline
A summary of the original more detailed project timeline was presented and would be distributed to households for information. It was acknowledged that this may change as discussions and work proceeds.  The meeting agreed the summary.

4.         Ideas for Community Engagement Event
Sonia Plato led discussions on an event to be held instead of the July NP Group meeting suggesting that it should be an informal, informative event with participants sitting in small groups to discuss various items that could be included in the NP.  It was agreed that the event should take place on Saturday 23 July from 2.00pm and enquiries would be made about a hog roast.  People would be asked to bring their own food accompaniments and drink.  A raffle and cake stall would also be included.  The event would be funded from money already raised.

5.         Date of Next Meetings 
5.1       Neighbourhood Plan Group  – Saturday 23 July 2016 at 2.00pm in Crowhurst Village
5.2       Steering Group – Monday 4 July 2016 at 7.30pm Crowhurst Youth Club

Gail Harley thanked everyone for their work and closed the meeting at 6.00pm.

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