Open meetings related to Reg 16 Consultation

Friday 14th December - 9.30-11.30 at St.Georges Church Coffee Shop
Saturday 12th January - 9.30 - 12.00 at the Village Hall
Sunday 20th January - 15.00 - 18.00 at the Village Hall

August 2017
This summer the Neighbourhood Plan Group concentrated on getting the info out there about the shortlisted sites. This meant we saw a lot of you at the two workshops (20th & 29th) and also at the Village Fayre on the 12th.
December 2016
There was no meeting held in November. The final meeting of the year was on December 3rd 2016. 

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February/March 2017
Please note that there are no meeting minutes for February and March
as this was the preparation period for the Sites Exhibition.  

Aims and Objectives
​(PDF 6 pages)
July 2016
Meeting 9 - Strawberry Tea Party - 23rd July 2016
This summer meeting in the Village Hall was also a fundraiser for the Neighbourhood Plan. Strawberries, scones and cakes were on sale alongside displays and information about the Neighbourhood Plan and its progress to date.  
June 2016

Meeting 8 - 11th June 2016

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November 2015
The first meeting on the Crowhusrt Neighbourhood Plan was held in the Village Hall on 22nd November 2015. Minuters from that meeting can be accessed by clicking anywhere in this box. 
May 2016

Meeting 7 - 18th May 2016

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December 2015
Meeting 2 - 6th December 2015
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March 2016
Meeting 5 -  24th March 2016
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September 2017- December 2018

This long period was spent collating feedback from consultations and exhibitions and assembling the mini mountain of documentation required for us to proceed.

We submitted the Reg 14 Consulation to RDC for its 6 week consultation period from January 16th - February 28th. 
We amended our draft and have now submitted the Reg 16 Consultation to RDC.  See relevant website pages above for full info about these.  

For regular updates please continue to attend the monthly Steering Group meetings or to check the Steering Group Page of this website where you will always be able to find the most recent summaries of these meetings.
October 2016 (2)​
On October 1st there were displays and presentations on the results of the Public Survey. A summary and a full report of the results can be accessed from the Home Page.  

29th October was a public discussion to finalise the 'Aims and Objectives of the Neighbourhood Plan'. This important document (with discussion ​notes) can be downloaded here: 

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The Final Crowhurst Neighbourhood Development Plan. ​The referendum on this important document will take place in the summer. 
Contains links to the archived Reg. 16 and Reg. 14 consultation and submission pages.  Archive-REG 14, 16
This page contains all documents relating to the Consultation Process including village survey results and longlisted and shortlisted sites feedback. It will be updated as the process continues. 

​​ Useful links:
For more information on the Crowhurst Neighbourhood Plan application please see: 

For more information on our Neighbourhood Plan process and to access minutes of all previous meetings please see either of the links below:


Based on the comments collected at the second meeting, held in February 2016, two proposals for the vision statement of our neighbourhood plan were put forward:

1. Our Vision for Crowhurst is to maintain its rural character by protecting the countryside and environment around its boundaries, promoting community spirit and enhancing infrastructure, facilities and services for residents of all ages.

2. Our Vision for Crowhurst in the future is that the Parish will continue to thrive and provide for the needs of its residents by:
Protecting the rural character and natural environment of the Parish that makes it such an enjoyable place to live;
Enhancing the provision of essential rural services and infrastructure to enable residents to live and work in the community and beyond;
Improving community facilities for all ages;
Ensuring new developments are sustainable and minimise adverse environmental effects and road traffic impact.

Crowhurst Neighbourhood Plan members at the meeting on 24th March showed a preference for the wording in the first Vision. In the village 
survey, 98% of respondents agreed. Therefore, the first vision wording was finalised and approved for use. 

​Please get involved by coming to the next meeting. You can contribute, raise concerns or just listen and learn more about what we are doing and the progress of Crowhurst's Neighbourhood Plan.

Photos from Neighbourhood Plan Sites feedback meeting on May 21st