Crowhurst Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group
Notes of Meeting held on Sunday 5 November 2017  
in Crowhurst Village Hall

Gareth Bright, Chris Davidson, Ros Day (Chair), Tracy Hoad, Dave Howley, Sonia Plato, Diane Stainsby, Martin White, Willy Wilson, Pat Buckle

Apologies:       Ann Wilson

In Attendance:    1 Member of the Public

Ros Day opened the meeting and thanked everyone for attending. 

1.            Declarations of Interests
All present declared an interest as residents of Crowhurst .

2.         Minutes of Previous Meetings
2.1        Steering Group held on 2 October 2017 – Approved.
2.2.       Matters Arising - None
3.            Task Groups Reports
3.1        Finance
Tracy Hoad reported that the majority of the current grant had been spent with the invoices for the hiring of the village hall for the public exhibitions, the Parish Room and the planning consultant’s invoice still to come. The planning consultant’s invoice was due by 10 November 2017 and Ros Day agreed to remind him of this.  Budget set aside was £3250 but as the plan had slipped and the reg14 consultation had not yet taken place, some would need to be deferred to the next grant. The budget figures for next financial year will be presented to the November meeting of the Parish Council and the current grant was due to expire on 12 December 2017.  The next grant period will run from January 2018 to the end of March 2018 and discussion followed regarding the likely expenditure, e.g. printing of the draft plan for consultation, including the policies and supplementary documents.  It was agreed to have 3 draft copies printed for the consultation.  Later on there would also be the printing of the final plan following consultation, exhibitions, meetings, stationery, etc., and there was some discussion regarding the overlapping of the current and next grant and Tracy Hoad agreed to contact Locality to clarify this. There was discussion around whether PC budget could cover the period from January 2018 to March 2018 and not apply for the Locality grant until April 2018.

3.2          Land Use
Chris Davidson reported on the 2 Task Group meetings held since the last Steering Group meeting. The Task Group spent 4 hours on 3 October 2017 compiling the shortlist of proposed sites to go forward for consultation. He stated that Coombe Dell had now been eliminated from the list due to issues around ownership (following the death of one of the co-owners), covenants, access and sewerage.  It is understood that the property is currently under offer and the site would be for one dwelling only. The sites being put forward are:

-  Powdermill Stream North Slope (below Forewood Rise) although the exact access still needed to be agreed with ESCC Highways Department and Optivo HA.  A possible children’s play area was being considered to serve the children living at this end of the village.  It was emphasised that this site is not seen as an extension of Forewood Rise but a development in its own right.

-  Bottom of Station Road & Station Car Park
   Chris Davidson and Martin White had met with landowners who had no problem with the proposals although the exact access was still to be resolved.  A successful meeting was held with Nick and Adam Diment who were happy for the 2 proposed sites (Powdermill North Slope and the bottom of Station Road) to go forward so far but no agreement had been reached about the disused barns.  Since the meeting Chris Davidson was informed that Nick Diment had suffered a fatal heart attack.  Adam Diment subsequently confirmed that he and Nick Diment’s two daughters still agreed for the sites to go forward although Probate could mean some delay in the sale of the land.  The importance of maintaining the continued co-operation of landowners was agreed. Martin White has been in contact with Network Rail who stated it was still wanting to develop the site off the station car park; this would therefore be included in the NP. 

The Hye House/Plough Lane site is not considered viable at present owing to issues around access.
The Task Group also discussed the proposed community facilities to be included in the Plan, I.e. the proposed footpath across Cinderbrook, parking facilities in Church Meadow and the need for a three-way strategy for mixed activities using the refurbished village hall, the Parish Room and the Youth Club.

3.3          Street Champions – Diane Stainsby reported that this group had not met as its work so far had been completed. Discussion followed about the Street Champions assistance with advertising the six week consultation.

3.4          Communications – Ros Day reported that Valerie Grove will add a new password protected page to the website for Parish Council to access all NP documents before being made available for the public consultation.

3.5          Research/Heritage – Dave Howley reported that the final draft had been circulated to members today.  Concern was expressed about responsibility for looking after Adams Farm and the fear that it is falling into disrepair and security of the site.  It was pointed out that the building is Listed and is the oldest in the village and Diane Stainsby agreed to contact the previous owner for the history of the site.  Some discussion followed as to whether the building could be used as an information centre owing to its close proximity to the Link Road and the archaeological findings. Martin White agreed to raise this with Zoe Tweed, ESCC Property Management. Diane Stainsby stated that the footpath booklet is awaiting printing and some suggestions for grants to pay for this were made.

3.6.         Environment – Sonia Plato reported that the draft documents on flooding were circulated to members yesterday.  Some minor changes had been made to the environment document which had also been circulated.  Included were Dr John Feltwell’s statement concerning trees, wildlife corridors and a map showing the connecting of the gaps. Sonia Plato stated that a great deal of work had been undertaken in researching and putting the document together and she suggested that a village environment group should be set up for future monitoring and review.  She also stated that a planning application checklist had been devised summarising environmental factors to be followed by developers.

4.            Review of Documentation for Draft Plan
Ros Day reported that the draft plan had been circulated to members yesterday although there are some things still to come and some formatting to do.
Ashley Wynn had practically finished the draft policies which should be available shortly.
The Strategic Environment Assessment would not be ready until about 20th Nov.
A section on monitoring and implementation of the Plan to be included.
Ros Day agreed to email NP contacts requesting any village photographs that could be added to the Plan as well as any interesting houses.
It was confirmed that RDC will go through the draft Plan prior to consultation but would need time to do this as they were still very understaffed.
It was anticipated the draft Plan will now be presented to Parish Council in December and the 6 week consultation will commence in January 2018. 
The final documents would need to be coherent and checked that the quoted references were all correct.
Chris Davidson suggested an art project for the village to represent the NP and some ideas were put forward. Chris Davidson agreed to arrange a meeting to discuss the setting up of residents workshops to agree on a project and its implementation.
It was suggested that a reminder about the 6 week consultation could be advertised at the Fayre Committee’s Christmas event and notices to be delivered to every household.

5.            Dates of Next Meetings
5.1          Steering Group – Monday 4 December 2017 at 7.30pm in Crowhurst Village Hall.
5.2          Parish Council – Monday 18 December 2017 at 7.30pm in Crowhurst Village Hall               

The meeting closed at 9.40pm

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