Crowhurst Neighbourhood Plan Survey Results


A big thank you to everyone who took part in our first Neighbourhood Plan survey. We received an amazing 400 responses and have been busy analysing the results and reading all of your comments. Below is a brief summary of the survey results, the full report is avalible TO DOWNLOAD by clicking here:  
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Views of Crowhurst
Nearly all respondents (96%) feel that Crowhurst is a good place to live and the same number feel safe living in the village.

Whilst almost everyone (98%) is satisfied with access to greenspaces and country side, less are satisfied with access to health care (63%), education (56%) and sports facilities (56%). Over a third (39%) are dissatisfied with access to public transport.

When asked to tell us the best thing about living in Crowhurst, the community, people and neighbourliness came top, followed closely by the countryside and greenspaces. Peacefulness and rural character was also mentioned a great deal. The worst thing most mentioned was the lack of shop or post office followed by the speed that traffic drives through the village and the lack of public transport.

Getting About
The vast majority of respondents (91%) drive to get around and in and out of the village. Over half of all respondents (57%) say they walk through the village regularly and under one in three (29%) travel by train.

Just over half (57%) of all respondents think the roads in the village are safe for drivers. The roads are felt to be unsafe for all other road users, this is especially the case for children walking and cyclists. 29% think that lower speed limits would most improve road safety and a similar number (28%) think that more pavements would improve safety the most.

When thinking about the future of the village two thirds of respondents (66%) feel a regular and reliable train service is very important followed by improved pavements and footpaths.

Best things:                                                                                                      ​​Worst things:

Rother District Council have said that we need to find space for at least 20 new homes in the village, we have no choice in this but with a Neighbourhood Plan we can say where these should go and what type and style of home they should be.

Our survey shows that Families are felt to be the most in need of new housing (70%). The type of homes thought to be most needed are affordable starter homes (76%). As for the style of housing, semi-detached came out top (63%).
The look of the new homes from the surrounding countryside is felt to be important, followed by the style of the homes being sympathetic /in keeping with the style of existing surrounding homes and that the homes are well integrated and linked to the village.

There were 283 suggestions for where new homes could go in the village and from these 27 areas have been identified. The most suggested areas were Upper Wilting (the link road site) and the bottom of Station Road / Court Lodge Farm Area. The areas are only suggestions and the next task of the Neighbourhood Plan group is to look at these in more detail to see if any of the areas are suitable, available and economically viable.

91% of respondents feel that having green spaces and woodland areas within the village that are not for development is very important, this is followed by maintaining the views of the countryside, maintaining the rural and farming character of the village and protecting the village boundaries against urban spread from surrounding towns (85% felt these were very important).

Reducing litter and fly tipping is felt to be the most important environmental improvement.

Health and wellbeing
When asked to think about the future of health and wellbeing in the village, 93% feel neighbourliness and companionship is important, 76% think having access to a doctor in the village is important and 71% feel having access to exercise and fitness activities and facilities in the village is important.

For the future of education 60% feel the village primary school is very important. 40% think that groups, facilities and educational activities for young people are very important and the same amount feel pre-school groups, activities and facilities are very important.

Community Facilities and Activities
The village hall (94%), recreation ground and pavilion (92%), pub (89%) and a village shop (84%) are felt to be the most important facilities for the future of the village.

93% think that village events, festivals and fayres are important for the future of the village, 82% think clubs, groups and activities for older people are important and 79% think activities for young people are important.

The Neighbourhood Plan Vision
98% of all respondents said they agreed with the Neighbourhood Plan’s Vision ‘to maintain the village’s rural character by protecting the countryside and environment around its boundaries, promoting community spirit and enhancing infrastructure, facilities and services for residents of all ages’.

Next steps
The findings from this survey have given the Neighbourhood Plan group a good sense of resident’s priorities for the future of the village and we are working hard to make sure these are addressed in the plan.

The next phase of work is to identify specific sites of land as areas for potential housing or village facilities and areas not to be developed. A ‘call for sites’ form will be delivered to all homes in Crowhurst shortly so please look out for this and tell us your ideas.

It’s great that so many people took part in the survey and we hope you will stay involved. With your help the neighbourhood plan will set out a blueprint for the future of our village.

More details about the whole process are always here on the website:

As noted above this is just a short summary of the Crowhurst Neighbourhood Plan survey findings.

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